Taught how to crush with boots, so you lead the trend, show a good figure

In fact, people generally like to wear skirts to wear boots, but what kind of dress boots with a better arrangement? Some suggestions: the more severe the more should it boots lighter.Columbia Jackets Best flat boots with thin skirt. High-heeled boots wrapped tightly coupled with the best or a split skirt. There is a proportion problem, the more wide skirts, boots with the more level. The more narrow skirt, boots with the higher the longer the skirt, boots with the more level. Of course, there is no hard and fast rule can be good sometimes trousers and boots to match, such as wearing masculine trousers should be equipped with flat boots, wearing narrow pants with boots are the best. Generally best not to wear socks to wear boots. Ideally, skirt and boots to stay out of the middle section of the skin; wear the boots, you can wear the stockings, or opaque stockings.D&G Handbags Autumn with the dark clothing, will be festooned with the extraordinary sense of fashion. Clothes and boots into the "lover" Tough dress boots + floating Wearing the popular style of mixing is nothing new, and boots can not escape this popular hurricanes. Quickly to those "color to be similar material to be unified," the stereotypes behind, how happy how to.Nike Dunk SB Anyway, this year's autumn and winter clothes are almost all can be used with boots, including dresses, including, boots show omnipotent gesture. Can be said that boots have become all the clothes lover. Such as in the past with boots fashion, have to be thick gray only appropriate, but now it is more light, the more beautiful the more popular interpretation of the theme of this year. In the delicate feminine clothing to add casual dress of the handsome, it is now the most in power look. Regardless of number of seasons, full of hand-floating sense of dress, with the handsome boots, just to create a sense of contrast and conflict. Super boots + skirts Thigh boots after a high quality special telescopic handle, close to the skin, can make long legged, slender ankle, which is worn fashionable this fall ---- note, the principle is IN the dress, the shorter the skirt, boots The longer the legs thoroughly and then be exposed to salvage the eyes of a man journeying to follow. Super boots and short skirts to the mix is simply tailored weather in Shenzhen recently worn. Recently the temperature near 30 degrees at every turn, did not point the way in winter, take to the streets as usual can not wear boots, because the boots look grand and cumbersome. But now is not the usual pop out the card, also can be used with ultra-short dress boots knees out to the streets, as long as your body withstand the test.nike Mercurial Talaria [Edit this section] the color of black boots, the best you can with a different skirt, economical and practical. But can also be seen in the fashion show of color from light gray boots, dark gray to red, there are brown, dark red, pink and so on. Black may have a variety of textures, shiny boots of cattle most popular, while sub-blankets, duffle not uncommon. Classic black, sophisticated design, highlighting its extraordinary texture and unique sense of elegant and stylish Round, pointed, small cell with the style and prints, zippers and other details of the decoration is a bit of focus this season boots, they will make you dazzle them party occasions. The boots of the fabric is even more eclectic, high quality leather fabric, leather stretch fabric, and suede, denim, brushed and felt, wool, nylon and other materials. Different styles of long boots, so the girls were fully exposed which both show long legs, boots suede, or tether, and other decorative features of both stressed the details, but also adds a little feminine. Or tether on the suede boots and other decorative features of both stressed the details, but also adds a little feminine
Par Vicky le lundi 18 octobre 2010


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