So if you are courage, if you have a little movement, why not have a try?

Five finger shoes-new words that people surf on the Internet day by day.UGG boots sale However, for a new product, it will take time to becom strength. It also need time for customers to find it is really benefit for their health. Just what ads said can not accepted by customers, expecially medicine is so advanced.UGG Even stars wear it everywhere, even women wear them to gym, someone still can not accept it. Why? Just they don't know is it really good for health, how to prove on medicine. Recently, doctors started to find the medicine secret of vibram five fingers. They use a small experiment to tell customers that it is really good for health. when running in Vibram Five Fingers were compared to shod (regular shoe) running, the Five Fingers were found to be more energy efficient.Jimmy Choo Bags The researchers found 2.8% less oxygen consumption when running in Vibram Five Fingers as compared to running in shoes that weighed 400 grams. According to R. Squadrone and C. Gallozzi at the Institute of Sport Medicine and Sport Science in Rome, Italy, Vibram may have succeeded. In their research paper “Biomechanical and physiological comparison of barefoot and two shod conditions in experienced runners” they found that the movement of the foot and ankle during running when wearing the Vibram Five Fingers was similar to the movement when running barefoot. Squadrone and Gallozzi state that the Vibram Five Fingers allowed the stride length to increase the force of pushing off the ground to increase when compared to running barefoot.Belstaff Jackets These differences were due to the thin sole of the Five Fingers shoes, they suspected. Most importantly, the researchers found the Vibram Five Fingers allowed the wearer to sense the ground and moderate their running movements in response to the terrain. Vibram Five Fingers shoes are unique in that they have extremely flexible soles. In fact, the entire shoe is flexible and truly is the poster child for “minimalist footwear” or minimalist running shoes. It is reported that five finger shoes can adjust whole body movement, activity body cell. Does any secience secret behind five finger shoes? Many studies have compared oxygen consumption (as an indicator of energy consumption) in running barefoot or shod (with shoes). The results have been conflicting. It seems that the heavier the shoes, the more oxygen required. However, oddly, Squadrone and Gallozzi found that wearing Vibram Five Fingers when running required LESS oxygen than running barefoot. The great thing about scientific research is the more research papers and studies one reads, the more one finds holes in the research. In this case Squadrone and Gallozzi’s study size was small and the researchers themselves questioned their own results, speculating that for their particular test subjects the Vibram Five Fingers when combined with the surface the subjects ran on may have made their running more economical compared to the shod and barefoot conditions. However, we interviewed some runners who wear with five finger shoes everywhere. "Running sneakers provide a tremendous amount of support and cushioning, but they could be hurting us by causing the foot area to move differently," Framingham runner Adam King said. "Shoes are basically doing the work nature intended our feet to do." Next morning while he was running, "You have to gradually go into it. I by no means consider myself a barefoot runner; I'll occasionally go out and do it because I like the freedom," he said. "If you do it 100 percent, your form has to be improved. You're going to get pains you're not used to having." Kindness, he also told us the process when and where he knew five finger shoes. How and where he buy vibram five fingers. He confused why people can't accept this health shoes. He said "I like it so much, I felt I'm free, but why people can not accept it. If they tried five fingers, they will find the feeling is so well that you can't live without it." So if you are courage, if you have a little movement, why not have a try? Just buy one pair, you can feeling freedom.
Par Vicky le lundi 25 octobre 2010


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